Roosevelt Island Parkrun … Last run for 2017

What better way to complete my running year than with a bit of parkrun tourism. Today’s run? Roosevelt Island in the heart of Washington DC.

To my surprise I woke up to a light dusting of snow … was not expected at all.  Whilst I’ve experienced a few sub-zero temperatures in my time, none as consistently as I have this past week, including consecutive days that failed to get above zero.  

I had originally planned on doing Anacostia parkrun this morning, finishing the year with a bang on a flat and fast course, alas it was not to be.  When I arrived it looked like it might have been cancelled so I decided to go to Roosevelt Island, just up the road.  Turns out I was just too early.  

Having become accustomed to smaller numbers at US parkrun I was surprised to see so many today, especially given the temp of -5.  On the up side it was very still so no wind chill.  43 runners today and I just managed to squeeze in to the top 10, finishing in 8th position, 1st female and 1st in my age category.  Mind you I was first female only because the young lass I was chasing the first 3km took a wrong turn – at the time I had no idea whether she went wrong or I did else I would have done her the courtesy of helping out… felt a little bit bad as she was only young, running in the 11-14 age group.  A real little whippet.  I may have done a bit of stalking and her parkrun PB stands at a little over 21 mins.

I am so glad I chose Roosevelt Island, it’s a really unique location right in the middle of the city and a trail surface to boot.  The bonus of the trail surface? Not slippery in the slow.  The snow covering was light enough that you could still see the lumps and bumps in the trail and I was able to avoid the nearly inevitable outcome of a slip and fall!

Due to the snow the run director chose to run the alternate route today – Not having done the regular route this made little difference to me, always relying on the wonderful hi-vis heroes to guide my way.  It was a lovely course and I will definitely be back.  It really is a little piece of paradise in the city.

Post parkrun coffee took place at The Central Coffee Bar, less than a km away… what a pleasant surprise to discover they served Ceremony coffee there … ah, my day just kept getting better!

I do not always get a long to the post parkrun coffee, but really glad I went today.  Had a good ol’ yarn to some tourists from the UK as well as the volunteer team.   I thought it was really cool they were handing out parkrun challenge cards to all runners if they wanted them.  I had seen some pretty cool challenges in the Australian Parkrun Tourism FB page, but a new one for me was the Finish Time Bingo, based on the seconds of your official finish time.  If you’re interested in these challenges you can find them in the files section of the FB page.





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