Parkrun : College Park, Washington DC

Parkun #2 took place at College Park in Washington DC. Unseasonably cold, so I was told, for this early in November. Whilst the sun was out and you could feel the warmth of it was still minus 3 and the puddles were surrounded by ice!

College Park has been going for a little over a year and had quite a few more runners today, 89 to be exact. Another lovely location, just beside the University of Maryland, running out along the golf course and taking in a couple of lovely foot bridges. Whilst the autumn colour again, made the whole experience pleasurable and good for the brain thinks, it does have it’s downside in that it masks any lumps and bumps in the path. The path is literally a blanket of red, yellow and orange leaves.

One of the upsides of US Parkrun is the later start, 0900 as a rule… thank goodness as it would have been colder at 0800! College Park is considered the fastest course in the Washington/Baltimore area and I can see why. Whilst Leakin Park was nice with only 30m gain/loss, College Park was half that at only 15m! You can take a look at the run on Strava here.

Today they announced that all those who ran for local office in College Park were actually elected – including the Mayor-elect who was in attendance today. Another special point of interest was the donation of some mature trees to create a shaded area for the coming summer. Instead of the usual post-run breakfast at the Board & Brew there was a communal tree planting, including one special tree for a Parkrun patron who had recently passed away – a touching gesture.

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