ParkRun : Leakin Park, Baltimore MD

One of my major Bucket List items for my USA trip was to work on my US ParkRun tourism. I ticked off my first one today @ Leakin Park ParkRun, Baltimore MD.

Leakin Park is located approximately 35 minutes north of Annapolis and was a pleasant drive – mostly freeway but at this time of year there’s plenty of autumn (fall?) colour to take your mind off the drive.

Whilst I knew Parkrun was not as big here as it is in Australia, it’s certainly taking off with a new Parkrun starting up almost every week. Today was Leakin Parks 20th event, less than 6 months old. This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Rory who got this one off the ground initially. Rory is actually from the UK and has now moved down to New Jersey. I was lucky enough to be here on the day he came back to visit with his lovely dog Dolly. Dolly just loves Parkrun … she doesn’t chase the bunny… she is the bunny!

At the time I chose to do Leakin Park, I was not aware that Anacostia in DC was having it’s launch … wish I’d looked that one up! 25 more opportunities to do this one 😀

As runners we always talk about out and backs… we either love or hate them … I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate them … but they definitely detract from the joy of the run … somehow it makes it seem longer… or is that just me? Well, reading the write-up on Leakin Park I learnt this course was a double out and back … WTF DOUBLE OUT AND BACK??? Thankfully the location was so lovely it really didn’t matter. The course is paved and winds through the glorious Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park which covers approximately 1200 acres. The trees were showing off their best autumn colours and this made for a really pretty run across little bridges and through tree covered paths.

The weather was gorgeous this morning, no jumper or long tights required. With 22 runners turning up it’s a far cry from the 150-odd we’re used to at Gungahlin, or any of the Canberra Parkruns for that matter. The upside of this was a fantastic community feel where everyone knows everyone and peeps take it in turns to bring something to share with the group at the end of the run. This week Michael brought some fruit salad to share, almost felt like summer with the watermelon and rockmelon!

I’ve been a bit off my running game of late with so much going on so today I was just out to enjoy the experience of my first US Parkrun.

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