Ice Hockey : Washington Capitals v New York Islanders

First bucket list item is now ticked off the list… An NHL game. It’s day 5 in country and I’m already driving to the big smoke!!! I was off to Washington DC to see the Washington Capitals play the New York Islanders.

5 lanes in one direction wasn’t as overwhelming as I expected… but it still caused a bit of apprehension… aaaaaand we’re driving at around 80mph and still getting overtaken!

My Canadian colleague, Kevin, organised the tickets… I just had to get there o.O Kevin clued us in on a good parking spot at one of the major shopping centres near the arena, although it turns out I’m just a lucky chick and I scored a sidewalk park just a few minutes walk from the stadium … just saved myself $25… SCORE! First right-hand, reverse parallel park done… I was sure it was going to be harder than this.

So much to look at on my walk to Capital One Arena… past a bunch of the Smithsonians, Madame Tussaud’s and too many designer label shops to mention… I will definitely be back for a closer look.

So the game… it was really cool. Kevin explained what was going on and believe it or not they’re not allowed to just smack the shit out of each other… despite popular opinion! Still got to see a bit of ‘legal biff’. Every quarter the little ice machines came out and smoothed and rink over and during half time the little people came out for a match too. Tonights match was sponsored by Leidos … the irony right?

A cool bit of trivia that Kevin pointed out … it turns out the Washington Capitals have the first ever Australian NHL player in their team for the 2017/18 season, #79 Nathan Walker. On 4 December 2017 Nathan moved to the Edmonton Oilers – we were lucky to see him play tonight.

All in all it was a great night, topped off by the fact the locals won the match, 4-3!

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